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An authentic cuisine.

  • ...That you can eat in the restaurant or takeaway at your convenience.
  • For your family meals, ceremony, or a date with your friends, we also provide a catering service by making a meal according to your tastes and preferences.

Some suggestions from the menu : 

Starters (5 to 6 euros)

Borani - Slices of steamed eggplant, Afghan fragrant herb sauce.
Machawa - Royal soup made of yeal, ginger and soy bean, plus, cilantro.

Main Course (13 to 15 euros)

Zamarrode Palaw - Spinac, soy beans, feta and yeal with saffron rice.
Mantou - Steamed raviolis of ground beef flavored with coriander seed and two peppers, Afghan sauce.
Sadafy - Saint Jacques roasted with spices accompanied by saffron rice.

Desserts (5 to 6 euros)

Ferni - Cream flavored with cardamom and sesame seeds.
- Foam from fromage blanc with a saffron ginger sauce.